This month I’ve gone sewing mad – I’m starting two sewing patterns at once, one I have to sew, the other I just can’t wait to start.  Both are Colette patterns which as you know I absolutely adore but these are new ones for me; Eclair and Lady Grey.  I know I’ve blogged before about the Eclair dress but honestly it’s taken me this long to find the perfect fabric – it’s been a very long search!  This dress is for a wedding in a few weeks so if I hadn’t found the perfect fabric soon I would have had to give up.  Luckily ebay didn’t let me down and I managed to purchase some Liberty print fabric (Liberty is my favourite fabric heaven of course!) so I’m super happy about this one.  Pictures to follow soon.

The second pattern, Lady Grey, is a special project as it’s part of a sew-a-long, I’ve never taken part in one of those before so I’m really excited.  Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing is one of my favourite blogs so I jumped at the chance in taking part in the sew-a-long and was even happier when it was announced what the pattern was.  I’m a little behind to be honest as most people have started their muslins already but I had to get the dress started first as that’s on a tighter deadline, I’m sure I can catch up soon though.

Here is the gorgeous coat in all it’s glory:

Fabric choices:  I followed the advice on the blog and went for a lightweight wool.  We have cold winters here in Sheffield so I wouldn’t have gone with anything but wool but I also didn’t want the coat to be too bulky, plus the seams would have been a bit of a problem if I had gone with anything too thick.  I visited my favourite local fabric shop – Fine Fabrics in Hillsborough, and tracked down some wonderful navy suit weight wool, it was a bargain as all 5 metres was only £10.  I knew I’d end up spending more on the lining that the outer so I’m glad this was nice and cheap.  I then called in Coles and bought the lining at a whopping £10 a metre, it’s a lovely fabric though that contrasts nicely.  Here they both are (it’s a crappy iphone photo so you can’t see the blue too well, sorry!)

This week’s priority is the dress though so I’m going to try and get as much of that done as possible.  I’ve cut all the pieces and interfaced the bodice, now I’m just waiting for the Rigilene to arrive and I’m all set!  I’ll post my progress soon.

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