One of the fun things about designing your own fabric by the metre is adding a lovely selvedge print.  The selvedge is the finished edge of the fabric and usually on printed fabric you’ll see the designers name and manufacturers name as well as the name of the print.  As my fabric is hand printed I definitely wanted to add that fact so I’ve put the design name, my name and the text – Hand Printed in Sheffield, England.  I’ve also added a small element of the design for a little bit of fun.  I can see me getting more and more adventurous with the selvedge as I get more screens made, it’s quite easy to get carried away but it’s just another perfect opportunity to be creative and give my fabric a little something extra.

As soon as the screens are ready I’ll be posting pics of the fabric as well as the cute new selvedge.

Written by Sarah



I love the detail in Selvedge too and have a pile sitting on my desk waiting for time and creativity to strike to do something with them!
Can’t wait to see what you have added to yours! I added my web address on mine but definitely need something a little more quirky ;-)
ps where do you get your screens made up, Sarah?


Hi Karen, I added my website and then took it off again in the end! It’s nice just to be able to experiment with the selvedge though, might put it back on again on the next batch, no doubt it’ll all change again, we’ll see!
p.s I don’t advertise my suppliers on’tinternet as they’ve taken me a looong time to find, pm me though :)

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