I often get asked when I’ll be teaching more screen printing lessons and so I decided it was time to organise some for Autumn.  The best way to do this was to ask people what they would like to learn and how and so I decided to create a survey and give away a 3hr session for free as a prize to one lucky entrant.  The lucky winner chosen at random was Harriet, so congratulations to her and a huge thank you to everyone who entered and who kindly filled in the survey.

I asked just a few very short questions:
1. Which type of classes would you be interested in?
2. For one off screen printing sessions, what would your preferred end product be?
3. What skills would you like to learn in a screen printing lesson?
I also asked for any other comments or feedback.

Here are some pretty pie charts with the results…

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 14.16.53website.

Written by Sarah



Might you consider video classes, where people can pay for access to a video file if we’re not in your area?


Hi Emily, thanks for the feedback, that might be a good idea although I’d have to find someone who could do a decent video for me :) I’ll look into it, thanks!

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