Update: I now run regular screen printing classes, please visit my website to book.

I decided to add a new reward to my Crowdfunder pitch, a screen printing class!  I’ve often been asked for classes and now that I’ve moving into my larger studio, this is the perfect opportunity to run a class as part of my pitch.

I can’t add a new reward though now that my pitch has started it’s countdown so I’ve chosen a new total of £50 and anyone investing that amount can have a place in a class in September this year.

For a £50 investment you get a full day screen printing class at my studio in Sheffield.  You’ll learn how to screen print using stencil techniques and then use those newly acquired skills to print onto fabric which you’ll then use to make your own 20cm lampshade to take home with you.

Participants must be able to attend a session on a Saturday in September (there is no fixed date as I’ll work around the participants availability).  Refreshments and materials included in the price, but please bring your own lunch.

Places will be on a first come first served basis but I will do more than one session to fit people in if it’s popular.

Written by Sarah



this has made me really happy!
I am currently living in Leeds but moving to sheffield in september/october to go back to university. I have been looking for a screenprinting class in leeds over the summer and no such luck!
Do you have a timetable and price list together yet?

Karen Cole

I’d be really interested in this class, depending on which Sat in Sept. Let me know soon as you have a date fixed.

Many thanks,

Karen x


I wrote a reply when this was first published but I think it must be lost in cyber land (or I am just being stupid!)
I am moving to Sheffield at some point in September to return to uni but was wondering if you was going to make these classes a regular thing so I can book onto one a bit later than september?
I love you fabrics and been wanting to find a class for a while!


Hi Kristy, I’ve just found your comments in the spam filter, sorry about that! I’ve sorted it though so you shouldn’t have any further problems.
Like I said on my Facebook page, please do join my mailing list and I’ll let you know if I can start the classes.
Thanks :)


Hello :)
I’d quite like a screen printing class. I searched for screen printing class Sheffield and found you.
Will it be based on screens made with photo-emulsion? Only this is the area I lack the confidence just to have a bash myself the most.
(Link to your Crowdfunder page…)

travis melton

Hello, are you still running the workshop? I am looking for a good workshop to learn more about screenprinting and you seem ideal. thank you.


Are you still doing screen printing classes? i would like to do one as soon as possible.


Hi Emily, I was hoping to fit another class in but I haven’t got one planned in yet as I’m concentrating on my next collection of fabrics at the moment. If you join my mailing list though you can hear about it first when I do book one in. Thanks, Sarah


Would really like to participate in your screen print class this month – is it too late to contribute or sign up? Have been trying to find something in Leeds this autumn term without luck! Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks


would like to join your mailing list, also interested in screen printing day for the beginning of January, thank you
Diana copley

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