Have you ever tried to look for something you desperately want and can’t find it anywhere? This is the experience I have been having with the Rowan Shade Card Folder! I really REALLY wanted one – I have quite a few shade cards and for years have had them stuck in an old boring black folder – well, that’s just not good enough any more! I wanted, no NEEDED a shade card folder. Could I get one though? No! After a bit of an ordering disaster with a well known knitting company I finally got one – free of charge too for all my trouble – so here is my darling in all her glory:(You’ll have to excuse the crap photos – hubby ran off with the camera this morning so I’ve had to use the built in camera on the mac!)The only problem is that I just ordered 6 new shade cards from Kangaroo (I love love LOVE this store – www.kangaroo.uk.com) so I might need another one soon!!Let’s hope things go smoother the second time around.

Written by Sarah

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