Today is the first day I feel back to normal which is great, although the guilt of having made the hubby ill now is still here, poor thing!  So today I have tonnes of jobs to do as it’s time to really catch up on some work.

Shoe update: I ordered the next size up of the pretty DM Mary Jane’s and guess what, they were miles too big!!  So now I’ve decided to keep the other pair and strecth them a bit by wearing them around the house, hopefully the leather will just need a bit of softening and then they’ll feel like they fit a little better.  Am I insane?  I love the shoes so much that I will keep a pair of shoes that might be a little too small just so I can have them?  Hubby did say that his new shoes hurt his toes a bit when he got them but now they are fine so I’m clinging on to that.

Here they are:

Aren’t they worth it?  The picture is awful sorry, there is absolutely no good light this morning so I’ve had to take the picture with the flash.  It’s muggy and rainy here today so I’m happy I don’t have to go out today, I can stay in the warm and watch the rain from the comfort of my own house.  I was thinking about going out tonight but one of my friends isn’t very well (get better soon Kati!) so we’ll rearrange for another night.

I was going to take some new pictures of some of my stock today too so I think that is out of the question now unfortunately, might wait and see if it brightens up later.  Oh well, off to work.

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