Yes I have another cold – do I have any immune system?  I hope so!  Anyhoo, being poorly focuses the mind and makes you realise what’s important – your hubby and the pugs of course!  Being ill at home also gives me a huge urge to shop and if there is one thing a pug owner knows, it’s that even though you have a cute puggy (or two) or your own – you still need to fill your house with pug related paraphernalia!  Begin the search…

I love Gemma Correll’s work and a friend of mine told me that Gemma had done a new Pug illustration – this is just adorable and I must have it!

Pugs Not Drugs

Gemma is supremely talented and has the same strange odd fixation with pugs that I do!  In this print she’s combined her usual fabulous style with everything that’s adorable about pugs!  She’s going to have some of her work on the Fine City Friends stall at our next Craft Candy fair – it’s a good job my birthday it the week before the fair isn’t it!  Also this print will hopefully be in her Etsy shop soon!

Sally Boyle is another one of my favourite illustrators and she’s been working on this puppy (excuse the pun) for a few months and he’s finally appeared in her Etsy shop.

Pug Decal

What a fantastic idea!  I can’t think of anything better for a pug fanatic to have their very own pug on their wall!  I’m going to be greedy and add this cute little fellow to my pug collection, this way he can live at my studio (where my pugs don’t go!) and I can have some pug company all day long!

Now, I’m not one of those mad dog owners who likes to dress up her pug but this photo is adorable.

Snuggly Pug Alien Hat

The Snuggly Pug Alien Hat by Jessica Lynne is too cute – do you think that fella likes wearing it though!  My sister has bought me lots of clothes for our pugs and even bought me a book on how to make outfits for your dog, Lola and Ruby – I just want you to know that you’re safe, I wont do that to you!

Lastly I have to indulge both my love of pugs and love of yarn with this little fella by Laika Handknits:

Butterfly visits pug

Now all I have to do is learn to crochet!  Why can I never find a knitted pug toy anywhere?  I might have to get this pattern so that I can start crocheting pug toys for everyone I know!  Can you think of a better way to round up this little pug quest than with this…

Lola and Ruby

My Lola and Ruby, fast asleep as usual and being their usual cute selves!

Written by Sarah



Hi, did you every find a knitted pug dog pattern ?
My friends daughter has adopted a pug a few months ago, Stanley is his name. BOY what a little cutie, I have fallen in love with him & would like to knit him a friend, have looked everywhere, where Pug is mentioned, but cannot find a pattern.
would you be able to help me, thank you for your time in reading this. my fingers are crossed in hope. God bless, marlie.

sally tarbox

get ‘best in show’ by sally muir & joanna osbourne. contains a wonderful pug knitting pattern with many others (i like the bulldog too)!

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