I was planning to post pictures of my lovely new purchases from Siansburys and Joey’s Dream Garden but I took the pictures and now can’t find them!  I took them, cropped them, altered the light and saved them and now they have dissappeared in to the ether somewhere on my mac.  Personally I think ‘someone’ has deleted them by accident but I wont name any names.  So when in the daylight tomorrow I will take some more pictures and show you them, they are adorable!

I’m still feeling icky today, I felt better yesterday and thought I was over the whole tummy bug thing but I took a turn for the worse yesterday afternoon after a late lunch.  I woke up this morning and thought the best thing I could do was try and eat something so I did and on came the painful tum again.  I give up!  I phoned the doctors telephone surgery thingy-ma-bob and my doc said it’s just a virus and to eat plain foods and drink lots of water.  Ho hum.

Anyhoo, on to more exciting and less boring things…Puggy 365.  I have decided that I don’t take many pictures of my pugs.  Lola is 4 and a half and Ruby has just turned 1 and they really should be appreciated more by our camera.  I started a new set on Flickr to document my little pugs and here is an outtake that didn’t make the cut, hubby took this one, it’s too funny!

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