How do you know if someone has copied you?  How similar can a product be without actually having copied your work?  Is it all a case of just how much of your idea appears to be in this new product?

I’m struggling with all these questions this morning and to be honest I’m a bit out of my league.  I guess I’ve always been a little paranoid about this kind of thing and I’ve got friends who have had their work copied so I’m not exactly naive on the subject but it’s still a little upsetting.

I’ve had someone before ask me questions about a product of mine and then go on to produce a similar item, this happened to me a few months ago.  Whilst annoying, there are other similar products out there, so I can’t really complain about that one.  It is annoying that she asked sizes etc and even uses the same subject matter though.  It also doesn’t help that she is a much more sucessful and well known maker so therefore people are bound to see her product before they see mine!

This time though it’s one of my products that I haven’t seen anything similar of.  When I came up with the idea I even searched around the internet and various selling sites like Etsy to see if anyone had a similar idea but I didn’t find anything.  Now this morning, I’ve found it – and it’s a new company.  I’ve sold these products of mine all over the place, I sell particularly well in America so I have no idea who could possibly be seeing my design and dare I say – copying it!  Another slight issue is that this new company have a major distributor for their product.

But what can I do?  How can I prove it?  Have they really copied me or is it just a major coincidence?  Will continue to struggle with these questions for the rest of the day whilst I try to bury my head in the sand and hope it all goes away!  That’s healthy, right?


Written by Sarah



Hi Sarah. What’s happened really sucks, poor you! Although you are not alone I always feel a bit paranoid about my own designs being copied too. I remember reading something on Etsy to do with copyright and so on, but it’s more than likely to be for American designers. are doing a series of articles to help independant business people at the moment too, but again it’s an American site. But it might be wotht a look? I hope this helps a bit. Keep smiling! Sophia

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