In exciting anticipation of my craft fair tomorrow afternoon I have decided to offer a nice little free gift for anyone joining the mailing list before Monday 14th July – yes, this Monday!!!  It’s because I’m doing the promotion especially for the fair.  Here is what you can win, a nice little hand-printed fabric pocket mirror

Cute little mirrors

I will be selling mirrors at my next craft fair in September but in the meantime I have created this 3 little beauties especially for the prize draw!!!

So, what have I been up to today?  Today has been a day of lists and packing really and getting all ready for the fair.  It’s also been a bad back day.  I moved a few chairs at work on Thursday, and when I say ‘a few’ that’s exactly what I mean!  Has it got to the stage now that my back is so weak that I can’t pick anything up?  Well, as a bit of good timing I got my next physiotherapy referral through the post today for the end of August so not that much longer to go now.  I just think it’s bad timing that’s all seeing as I have a busy day tommorow.  Never mind.

We treated ourselves to a lovely tea of fish and chips tonight (1 shared portion to save on the old mucho dinero!).  We were going to get them tomorrow after the fair seeing as the chip shop is so close to the fair. Only thing is we forgot that we wont be home until after the puggies teatime and they will be starving to death whilst we sit on a wall somewhere eating fish and chips so we had our little treat tonight instead.  It’s a bit of a pat on the back for both of us, for all the hard work the last 11 weeks!  They were lovely too, mmmmmmm!

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