I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how to decorate the walls of my new studio.  As you saw from earlier this week, I’ve got some postcards to put in frames but I was also thinking about one of these:

Peacock wall decal

I came across Sally Boyle’s work whilst I was looking for makers to approach for stalls at our first Craft Candy fair.  I really really like Sally’s designs – please go and have a look at her Etsy shop.  This Peacock design is my favourite but there is a Birdhouse design which is adorable!  I’d like some of her printables too but my printer isn’t good enough!

Talking of studios – here are a couple of pics finally to share with you:

Window view

This is a corner view of the window – I haven’t decided what colour to repaint the red wall yet though – need to get rid of the carpet though – nightmare in a sewing/printing room, I need a floor I can sweep!

Here is a view of the other part of the studio which is still separated by a wall – the kitchen:


Note the yucky stain on the floor – no idea what that is – I’d rather not ask!  I’m going to go in and give it a good clean when the wall comes down – if it doesn’t come off then the lino with have to come up!  I’m having most of this kitchen removed, apart from the sink, drainer and cupboard underneath (which houses my boiler!).  Then next to the sink my industrial sink will be put in which means that I get to have a clean and a dirty sink which is great.  Hubby has one of the industrial sinks in his studio but has to wash his pots in it too – I’m glad I wont have to!

More pictures when the wall comes down next week!

Written by Sarah



thanks sarah! and thanks for the constructive comments on my pug dog. I’m taking your advice. I’m gonna post your little doggy darlings up now (spent far too long on blog/web today and not enough on actual work)… sal

Louise Broomhead

Hi Sarah,

Your studio looks lovely – happy studio decorating!!

Yeah the decals are delicious – I could eat them up!!

Food for the soul :)


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