I went to take some pictures of the Craft Candy workshop on Saturday which was taught by the lovely Gemma Nemer.  Gemma brought lots of her beautiful fabrics and vintage jewellery collection with her.  I was so envious of all the beautiful things she has collected over the years. I collect a few things myself but nothing on her scale.

Gemma Nemer

Gemma also brought with her some fabrics that she knew I would particularly like – we both share an interest in 50’s designs!  I took some pictures of them, the designs are amazing – anything with a cute little repeat pattern and I fall head over heels.


I’m working on some 50’s inspired fabric designs at the moment – I’ll reveal those later!

Was browsing for textile books on Amazon and stumbled upon these and I’m so glad I did.  I used to have a pair of kangaroo basket ball shoes in the mid nineties, I loved them to bits and so was devenstated when my sister sold them to her friend!  I’m glad to have rediscovered them after all these years though!

Pretty Shoes

Written by Sarah

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Joey Ramone

Goodness me, I wish i’d have gone to Gemma’s workshop!! Doh! Look at all her lovely fabrics! (drool!)
those shoes are nice. Hmmm, amazon you say?
Joey x

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