April has been a bit shitty so I’m glad to see that May is arriving tomorrow, here’s hoping for a better month (hopefully one that comes with a new job!)  The sun has come out today too so maybe things are getting better.

I’ve had to make a really tough decision this week, as I’m unfortuantely no longer working I don’t have the funds to finish my printing table so I’ve had to put that project on hold.  My new printing table was going to allow me to expand my business and start printing by the metre, something that I’ve been planning for such a long time.  Unfortunately when I built the base to my new table, I got rid of my old one so my printing space has been severely reduced, I’m now printing on part of my old wooden table top.  In fact it’s more or less the same size as my first printing table which makes me feel rather nostalgic.  So what does this mean for my business?  Well, not only does it mean I can’t expand, it also means I can’t print as much fabric.  It’s times like this that you really start to reassess things and what you should be doing.  I’m determined to not be beaten though, just put on hold.  It’s taken me so long to get to this point and has taken a lot of hard work so I’m not giving up now.  I just wish I wasn’t so dissappointed at not being able to go forward, and in fact taking a huge step backwards.

So what shall I do now?  Well, a lot of my effort has to be in finding a new job so that’s become a new daily ritual.  As far as my business goes it means trying not to get too frustrated with not being able to produce as much and still trying to make the most of the time I have in my studio, unfortunately not being able to print as much fabric (only 1 or two pieces in one go) isn’t very cost efficient.  I think I’ll also have a clear out of my old stock and that way maybe I can raise a little money for a new screen.  I have so many new designs I’d like to turn into screens, they are just waiting patiently, bless them.  In reality it will mean not being able to produce new designs and being careful with my fabric and ink stocks I have no idea when I will be able to replenish them.

Lastly, I must try to remain positive, that’s very important.  I’ve been so glum the last few weeks, it’s all taken a lot of getting used to and now I have to look forward, even though I’m unsure of what the future brings for me or my business, I wont let this get me down.

To end on that note of hope and positivity, here is a really lovely treasury one of my purses was featured in, isn’t it wonderful?  So bright and uplifting! Here’s wishing a bright and lovely day for everyone.

Written by Sarah

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I’ve just stumbled across your site, I’m another Sheffield-based creative and I must admit I was soooo envious seeing you have a beautiful creative business which is my dream! I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties with expansion, you must have worked really hard getting this far. Something good usually comes of setbacks though find, although at the time it’s hard to see it that way. Your prints are absolutely beautiful, really simple and cheerful and original. I still feel very stuck with lack of career direction (I’m also looking for a part time job, to support me whilst I decide whether to set up some sort of creative business or not) so I can definitely empathise. Anyway, I hope your May goes better than your April and you can expand your business in time. My blog is http://thecosycreative.wordpress.com/ if you’re interested (it’s about my creative projects including baking, painting and learning to sew, which I’m hoping will help me decide on my direction…) Kate :)

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