Yesterday was the day of pink socks. I finally finished sock numero uno and by the evening had forged ahead to sock number two!This is a really HUGE deal for me – it’s my first pair of socks I have knitted for ME. It’s also the first pair of socks I have knitted fully on dpn’s. I have knitted other socks before but only on 2 needles. I have started other socks on dpn’s but never finished them. These socks just called out to be finished though. They are knitted in Cascade 220 in bright pink. I bought the yarn ages ago when I was determined to knit myself a pair of socks, I then even went back and bought another two balls of cascade in a lovely bright green (I’m saving that for my hubby!). I got the pattern from the Knit Socks book by Betsy Lee McCarthy. It’s got tonnes of great pattern and is in a lovely sock shape too which just adds to the cuteness factor.The first sock knitted up fine but was the small/medium ended up a little long for my foot which was surprising because I have HUGE feet! So in the end I ripped out a few rows and decreased the toe a little quicker than the pattern called for. The one sock looks great though and kept my right foot warm and toasty all day yesterday. Sock number 2 will be finished today (hopefully).The hubby’s cardigan is an ongoing project. I have put it aside momentarily for the sock knitting but must have it finished for our anniversary (Feb 4th) so will plod on today and hopefully will have the front finished by the end of the week.My cardigan is definately on hold for the moment!

Written by Sarah

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