I’m nervous, just ate a whole bag of maltesers to myself and now feel a little icky.  I get the letter tomorrow telling me if I’m getting a pay cut or not, am trying not to think about it.  Probably because I think I will be getting one.  Will brace myself and hope the postie comes early tomorrow, although he turned up at 2pm the other day (it wasn’t our regular postie though!)

Be prepared for a gloomy web post tomorrow! xx

Written by Sarah

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HIya Sarah
Why will they be cutting your pay? That’s really rough. Are they cutting your hours too?

Oh and the fairs bit of the website looks good (although of course I think there should be bunnies everywhere, but I’m biased aren’t I?), it’s very comprehensive in the content (faqs etc) , which I like very much (being a civil servant!). Nice one.

take care chuck
Joey xx

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