Strike offs part one

The first set of strike offs are now complete – we started with the two colour prints as they are the most difficult, next we’ll move on to the single colour prints.  It’s always hard to get the perfect two colours to work with the two colour designs, especially as I often use transparency in my… Read more »

Working on a new palette

The post New Year period is always a time of reflection and changes and this year has been no different, although now we’re in March and I have no idea where the time has gone. Since Bella, my apprentice, started last August things have been very different in the studio, it’s been great having another… Read more »

May Stack

I recently started a subscription to Stack and just had my first delivery, the latest edition of Wrap magazine. I’ve never come across Wrap before but fell in love with it at first flick through. Sheffield has a serious deficit when it comes to good magazines, our local WH Smith’s has all the usual suspects… Read more »

May print-fest

May has been a none stop print-fest, from custom orders to commissioned work then the culmination of my AA2A artist residency at Sheffield Hallam. It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind really.  Here is some of the work I’ve been doing… I can’t share with you some of the commissioned work I’ve been doing… Read more »

New design launch offer

We’re delighted to announce that we have a new design launching for Spring 2015 – Clouds is printed on our British Woven linen and organic cotton mix fabric and is suitable for a range of interiors and crafts uses. This new design was developed from mark making sketches, part of a new exploration into accidental… Read more »

Unfortunate week

Last week I worked like a crazy lady and had a small team of helpers, also working like crazy ladies. This week I’m stuck at home and not happy about it.  I had a stupid accident last week which meant that I had a nasty bump on my head, gash to my eye and a general good… Read more »

Hepworth Print Fair

I’m delighted to have got a place at the new Hepworth Wakefield Print fair, it’s on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March at The Hepworth Wakefield, Gallery Walk Wakefield, WF1 5AW, 10-5pm, free entry. I’ll be there with a new range including new colours of my Thorns and Thunderbolt prints. I’ll also be bringing my new Clouds… Read more »

Colours in the park

I took a walk in Millhouses park to try out my new camera and snapped a few photos which I hoped would give me some inspiration for my new collection colours. Not only was I taking photos of natural greens, browns and oranges but I found a bit of inspiration in the graffiti of the… Read more »

Knitting Challenge

This is always the time of year when I go crazy just trying to get Christmas presents knitted, this year I just have the one though – a jumper for Owen. After Christmas 2012 I decided to stop knitting presents for the whole family and I must admit, it’s led to a much calmer December.  This year I… Read more »

Open Studios November 2014

We had our annual Open Studios last weekend and this was our busiest year yet. Yorkshire Artspace do a fantastic job and all the studio holders make such an effort  to show their studios off to all the visitors.  Unfortunately I was still struggling to shake this virus that arrived, went away, and then came back 3… Read more »

  • Photography set

    We have an interesting cubby hole in our studio which has now found a second use.  The inside of the cubby hole is Owen’s space where his machinery will eventually live, this is so we can keep our studio dust and muck free.  The original use was the opposite interestingly enough, it was built as… Read more »

  • Fabric Friday – Vanessa Bell

    Vanessa Bell (1879-1961) was an artist and designer and member of the famous Bloomsbury Group.  I’d seen her paintings but never her fabric designs until I took a trip to the V&A a few years ago.  This fabric is a block printed linen from 1913 and was printed for the Omega group, the commercial arm… Read more »

  • Poor little owls

    I saw this video on BBC News this morning and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, thankfully the little trapped owl in Miami seemed ok despite being trapped behind the grille of a monster car.  Of course I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with some owl inspired printing…

  • New logo, packaging & website

    I’ve been excitedly working on some mini projects whilst I’ve been recuperating.  When you are stuck in a chair all day, there isn’t really anything else you can do to be honest. Project no’1 – work on a new logo Project no’2 – work on some new packaging Project no’3 – work on the new… Read more »

  • Fabric Friday – Marimekko Spring 2013

    If you want to cheer up a dreary winter day then a little bit of Marimekko usually does the trick.  The Spring 2013 collection though is a triumph of explosive colour and large scale organic and angular shapes.  There isn’t one print that I don’t like, and that’s unusual with a new collection for me… Read more »

  • Happiness vs Security

    Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that I’ve been looking for a new job for many months, it’s a bad time to be looking for a job though and so I haven’t had much luck.  I’ve not been out of work since I was 16, and so… Read more »

  • Fabric Friday – New Season Liberty Fabrics

    The new season Liberty fabrics are here and they don’t disappoint.  My favourite collection is the Guerrilla Gardening collection inspired by Richard Reynolds, founder of The patterns are typically Liberty and the colour ways are just sublime.  There are 4 designs in a variety of colour ways, my favourites are the Castile C and Richard and Lyla C shown… Read more »

  • Patterns under your feet

    I see patterns everywhere, even in the most unlikely of places.  Next time you’re walking around, look under your feet.

  • Fabric Friday: Animal Prints

    It’s time I had a new feature for Fridays and what better than to select some wonderful different fabrics to showcase each week.  This week I’m starting with a great selection of hand printed fabrics, all featuring a selection of animal themed prints.

  • Bloody good parkin

    I love Parkin, it’s a very special Yorkshire Treat and I just can’t get enough of it.  That’s probably why I don’t cook it that often, because if I did, I’d probably be like a house-side.  I made some for our bonfire night celebrations last year and then also popped it on my Christmas food… Read more »