Strike offs part one

The first set of strike offs are now complete – we started with the two colour prints as they are the most difficult, next we’ll move on to the single colour prints.  It’s always hard to get the perfect two colours to work with the two colour designs, especially as I often use transparency in my… Read more »

Working on a new palette

The post New Year period is always a time of reflection and changes and this year has been no different, although now we’re in March and I have no idea where the time has gone. Since Bella, my apprentice, started last August things have been very different in the studio, it’s been great having another… Read more »

May Stack

I recently started a subscription to Stack and just had my first delivery, the latest edition of Wrap magazine. I’ve never come across Wrap before but fell in love with it at first flick through. Sheffield has a serious deficit when it comes to good magazines, our local WH Smith’s has all the usual suspects… Read more »

May print-fest

May has been a none stop print-fest, from custom orders to commissioned work then the culmination of my AA2A artist residency at Sheffield Hallam. It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind really.  Here is some of the work I’ve been doing… I can’t share with you some of the commissioned work I’ve been doing… Read more »

New design launch offer

We’re delighted to announce that we have a new design launching for Spring 2015 – Clouds is printed on our British Woven linen and organic cotton mix fabric and is suitable for a range of interiors and crafts uses. This new design was developed from mark making sketches, part of a new exploration into accidental… Read more »

Unfortunate week

Last week I worked like a crazy lady and had a small team of helpers, also working like crazy ladies. This week I’m stuck at home and not happy about it.  I had a stupid accident last week which meant that I had a nasty bump on my head, gash to my eye and a general good… Read more »

Hepworth Print Fair

I’m delighted to have got a place at the new Hepworth Wakefield Print fair, it’s on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March at The Hepworth Wakefield, Gallery Walk Wakefield, WF1 5AW, 10-5pm, free entry. I’ll be there with a new range including new colours of my Thorns and Thunderbolt prints. I’ll also be bringing my new Clouds… Read more »

Colours in the park

I took a walk in Millhouses park to try out my new camera and snapped a few photos which I hoped would give me some inspiration for my new collection colours. Not only was I taking photos of natural greens, browns and oranges but I found a bit of inspiration in the graffiti of the… Read more »

Knitting Challenge

This is always the time of year when I go crazy just trying to get Christmas presents knitted, this year I just have the one though – a jumper for Owen. After Christmas 2012 I decided to stop knitting presents for the whole family and I must admit, it’s led to a much calmer December.  This year I… Read more »

Open Studios November 2014

We had our annual Open Studios last weekend and this was our busiest year yet. Yorkshire Artspace do a fantastic job and all the studio holders make such an effort  to show their studios off to all the visitors.  Unfortunately I was still struggling to shake this virus that arrived, went away, and then came back 3… Read more »

  • Fit and Healthy

    It’s day five of Blog every day in May challenge and, apart from a major cock-up on Thursday/Friday, I’m managing to keep on top of the posts. Today’s theme is fit and healthy and what a better way to start this post than by sharing this wonderful Etsy item with you. I love it, but… Read more »

  • Five Favourite Blogs

    To pick just five is hard, especially when you follow over 200 on Bloglovin. I started with 14 then spent 10 mins whittling the list down to a reasonable seven before eventually getting to five.  I’m sure these are going to be so well known to you dear readers but here they are for your… Read more »

  • Day in the life

    Today’s theme is a ‘Day in the Life’ so here for you is my day told in photographs from 6am to 8pm. The day started with the usual morning slug check in the garden (thankfully I didn’t find any) and once I was in the studio the day continued with – rolling up the last… Read more »

  • Spring is here

    Ok, due to the fact I have no idea what DAY it is, let alone what DATE it is, I totally mucked up Day 2 of my Blog every day in May.  I have to get out of the studio more, that way all the days wouldn’t meld into each other! So here is a… Read more »

  • and off I go…

    I’ve been neglecting the blog this month – what with all the printing that has been going on around here – so I’ve joined up for the Blog every day in May quest.  Here is post number one which eases us in gently with just a little introduction in five lines. Hi, I’m Sarah a… Read more »

  • Click Happy

    This is usually the time that you see me post a million photos on Instagram as I have lots of newly printed fabrics to show as well as a few things made from them.  This week I’ve been busy with more printing but in the gaps, when the sun comes out, I’ve had the camera… Read more »

  • Launching SS13 – Deco & Thunderbolt

    I love to give things away and so what better way to celebrate the launch of my new Spring/Summer collection than a competition. Here is your chance to win a pair of fat quarters in either Thunderbolt (in Lemon and Dusk) or Deco (in Carrot and Night), the winner can choose their favourite design.  That’s… Read more »

  • Hand printed fabric swap III – The write up

    I’m sooooo sorry that this has taken me so long to write about.  Firstly I was waiting until all the pieces arrived from my swap partners (which they did gradually over a period of about 2 weeks) and then things went crazy with all the new collection printing and so this is the first time… Read more »

  • Triumphs and disasters

    This week has been another busy one as I’ve been printing custom orders and also printing the first small runs of the new collection which launches this week.  It’s been nice to get back in the swing of the metre printing, especially now that I have my swanky new screen storage which makes getting access… Read more »

  • Busy busy busy

    Where did I go? Well, I’ve been running around like a crazy person and have had my fingers in a lot of pies which means I’ve left my poor blog neglected. Here’s what’s I’ve been up to… The studio has also turned into a mess whilst we carry out some much needed work, I’m not… Read more »