Today marks 7 days until I move out of my studio and it’s making me very sad. I’ve had a studio at Yorkshire Artspace for just over 2 years and now I’m moving out of my little home-from-home, I’m hoping that this will be a temporary arrangement whilst I find a larger studio I can actually work from but it all depends. I’ve been promising fabric by the metre for the last year, as soon as I find a larger space, I’m finally going to make that happen but in the meantime I’ll have to dedicate my time to designing from home.

So what am I doing with these last 7 days? I’m printing like crazy, that’s what I’m doing! I have the last few metres of blank basecloth to cut up and then once that’s printed that will be it for a while. It’s a scary thought to be honest, I’m so used to being able to print up a random piece of fabric as and when needed. In a week I’ll be relying on the stockpile of fabric I’ve been printing over the last month or so, I’m hoping that there is enough to see my through the Christmas period at least, but when it’s gone though, it’s gone!

Written by Sarah

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