My knitting basket has issues. I listened to the Franklin Habit post on an early edition of Cast On the other day. He talks about your ‘stash’ growing and coming alive in your house and I think I definately believe that a similar thing is happening in my house.I have three storage places for my yarn (as well as a few bags stored in the odd place around the house). I have a ‘work in progress’ basket in my living room full of projects I am currently working on and things that I will start soon. I then have a big box full of half finished projects, some I like and will finish, others I’ll never finish because they’re awful! I then have my chest of drawers. THis is the mothership as far as my collection is concerned. It is a large set of drawers which stores all of my main stash. All the wool is arranged by manufacturer (a drawer for each) and within those drawers the wool is ordered either by type if I have a lot of one particular yarn or colour for oddments. Everything is sealed in clear plastic pouches.My husband thinks I need help.Well, my ‘work in progress’ basket just isn’t big enough anymore, it’s overflowing. I have my suspicians why – £97 since new year has been spent in my LYS. Need I say more.I am now on a self inflicted yarn-resist programme.

Written by Sarah

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