I’ve disappeared under a pile of cardboard boxes, literally.  I moved out of my studio on the 31st August and no sooner had we put the last cardboard box in the living room, I dashed off to Brighton for a few days with work as Folksy were attending the Brighton Mini Maker Faire.  I had hoped that when I came back that all the cardboard boxes would have been opened and neatly put away, therefore allowing us to reclaim our living room but sadly no.  My house looks like a warehouse and we haven’t actually been in the living room at all, mainly due to the fact that we can’t get through the door.  Lola still manages to get in and find an inch of space to park herself on the sofa though, pugs can always find a nook or cranny to sit in.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur really.  I’ve been trying not to think about the fact that I no longer have a studio, I’m just on an extended holiday really, albeit a holiday that means I’m working full time at another job, but still, the move hasn’t sunk in yet.  The living room is only housing half of my studio too, the rest is in storage, including my screens and washout booth.  I will have to make a decision fairly soon to either carry on renting storage or sell them.  If anyone wants to buy a washout booth, get in touch, she’s a good one, was especially made and is only 1.5 years old so in great nick.

So what do I do now?  My days are full of course, my 3 days at Folksy was increased to 5 days which has definitely helped me twiddling my thumbs at home.  It has been a while since I worked full time at one job though, thank fully mine is an incredibly varied one.  Still, it feels strange not being constantly split in two, or split in three if you count Craft Candy too.  I’m sure things will settle down soon though and I’ll eventually get all of the boxes unpacked, there isn’t room for it all though so I’ll have a few months of sorting and throwing away ahead of me.  Don’t you just hate to get rid of things that you really don’t want to, but just don’t have the room?  Moving sucks.

Written by Sarah

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Alexia Swirkowski

Hi Sarah, just out of curiosity, how much would the wash out booth be? I don’t have the room at the moment but the thought of having one in the hopefully near future would be nice.


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