We are so excited!! After 4 years waiting the council in their esteemed wisdom have finally given us an allotment!  We have spent the last few years growing our own fruit and veg in the back garden and I can’t wait to actually reclaim the garden back!  We’ve grown all sorts of things over the last few years and have made the most of the room we have but we can’t possibly grow everything we want to in such a small back garden.  When I say small I mean small, about 15 square metres, we live in a small terraced house and all the gardens have a little yard and then a bit of soil or in our case, a bit of grass.  Thankfully we only have small dogs who can run circles around our small lawn.

Here is the view from afar of our new allotment:

Our new allotment

Can you see how overgrown it is?  It’ll be gorgeous when we’ve finished with it I promise!

Written by Sarah

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