Yes, the horrible back ache has reared it’s ugly head again!  This is only 3 days after I last saw my physio and was telling her how the pain wasn’t too bad at the moment, I jinxed myself didn’t I?

I was at work for a long 10 hour shift yesterday which really took it’s toll and by the time I went to bed last night I was starting with a cold and in so much pain that I couldn’t get into bed!  Enough moaning though, I’m determined to think positively.

This is my latest bag delivery, aren’t the colours gorgeous?

Organic cotton bags

I’ve only ordered 20 bags which I think was a mistake as I’ve already had a few friends asking me for some bags already.  I’m going to be mean though and take these to the Sheffield Vintage fair on Saturday and see how many I sell, I can always order some more next week if they sell well.  Now I just have to print them up! I’m just sticking to my two best selling prints, Craft and Glamour.  Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to get them on Etsy.

I started adding a couple of items on Folksy this week, have a look, it’s a bit like Etsy but it’s UK based.

Well, am going to spend the rest of the day planning for this Saturday, printing bags (if the back allows!) and working on Craft Candy!  It’s too cold to go out, am going to put on some hand knitted socks and drink lots of hot chocolate whilst I recuperate.  I’m off to Manchester tomorrow so I have to be in tip top shape!

Written by Sarah

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