It’s only one week to my next craft fair – Love Craft and only two weeks until Spring Fling – and usually at this point I’d be running around printing like a crazy lady and getting ready but I’m not – it feels so strange!

I’m still preparing myself for the possibility that I might not be able to actually attend either of these fairs, although hubby would go in my place of course.  I really hope I can go though, for one it would stop me being stuck at home and also it’s really good to see everyone again seeing as there are usually a good bunch of people who I know from other fairs.

So what would I sell then?  Before you go thinking that I’m being all calm when really I’m going to turn up at the fair with a miniscule amount of stock you’re wrong!  I made sooooo much stock before Christmas to tide me over so that I could spend the first part of this year designing, getting all my equipment in the studio and of course tackling the big move around.  All this has been done now and I’m so glad I did prepare in this way as I had no idea I’d be suddenly unable to do anything due to a back pain relapse!  So no worries hence the no panic, it’s actually very strange to not panic in the week up to a fair!

I’ve been signed off work for another couple of weeks and I really hope to be back by the beginning of April so things can start getting back to normal.  I’ve been off for 7 weeks now and I can’t believe where the time has gone – the good thing is that I’ve been able to do a lot of planning and a lot of designing.  I really wish I could share some of the designs with you here but I have to wait before they’re registered and then I can start showing you.  At the moment I’m working on summer prints to go with the lovely weather we’ve been enjoying.

Mini house update – we’re still waiting around but we’ve been given a possible move date now of the 26th March so we’ll wait and see, hubby ordered all the boxes this weekend so he’s going to start packing things up next week (is it evil that I’m glad I can’t actually help!!!) hee hee  I think pretty soon our house will start resembling a furniture warehouse, here’s hoping for a nice speedy move, with a bit of luck we’ll be in the new house by the time I go back to work!

Found this hilarious photo – can’t post it here as it’s protected but please have a look – it’s a pug themed moving house photo!

Written by Sarah



lovely prints, just found you via folksy. i hope all gets better for you and you are able to attend your shows…your workshop space is inspirational! x


hi again, I’ve just re entered blog world myself and was having a hunt about. I’m so sorry you are in pain – I’m sending you positive thoughts. I’ve been off work since the 4th Jan after surgery on a broken ankle, the staying in and not ‘doing’ things is hard to take when you’re an active social bunny normally. Be good to yourself and hoping to hear tales of well-ness soon.

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