I thought I wasn’t having much luck with fairs this week – I had to cancel my spot at the Apples and Pears event in Nottingham because I couldn’t walk very well (let alone carry anything!) and then we booked a stall for Craft Candy at the Nottingham Craft Mafia event on the 20th March but then we had to cancel because only I could go and man the stall – no one else was free.

I was really disappointed about that – the Nottingham event was not just a fair but a screening of Faythe Levine’s Handmade Nation – I was sooooo excited about seeing it!  But again, I can’t man a stall 11-9pm all by my lonesome so reluctantly we cancelled our place.  That left me foot-loose and fair-free (boo hoo) but luckily a fair that I had turned a place down at  (because Craft Candy had already been contacted about the Nottingham event) managed to squeeze me in after all – how nice is that?  The organiser Amy is an absolute star so thank you Amy!

The event is called Love Craft and is being held in Barnsley at The Civic, all I have to do now is make some stock – I had enough for the joint Craft Candy stall for Nottingham but not quite enough to fill a stall myself – I’d better get busy!

So if you’re in Sheffield, Barnsley or the surrounding area then please come and visit me at the Love Craft event or if you’re around Nottingham then please visit the lovely Nottingham Craft Mafia event at the Broadway Cinema!

Written by Sarah



It’s a real that shame that you couldn’t make it to the Handmade Nation event but I hope your day goes well and you’re fighting fit for future events we’ve got planned :)

Take care!
Han x


Hi, I wondered about your printing workshops and how many you could accomodate, and what ages?… thinking young people age 12-16ish…



Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. At the moment I’m thinking of running workshops from my studio at Yorkshire Artspace. Are you looking for someone to come and teach printing workshops at the galleries? I would say that around 10 would be the maximum but that would depend on the kind of workshop and the space that you had there.

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