Does anyone else work from home?  Isn’t it a pain sometimes. I know I often moan about the really little attic that me and the hubby share but this week things have reached the point when we decided the only thing to do was rearrange the whole room. All this with me not being able to move anything or pick anything up because of my naughty bad back. I’m one of those people who hates being useless!

So at the moment the move around is half way through and I’m sat in what can only be described as a humungous mess! We have all the furniture moved but we now have lots of piles of ‘stuff’ all over the floor waiting to be rearranged!

Isn’t it amazing the kind of things you can collect in life. Hubby found his art sketch book from year 9 and I’ve come across my huge collection of nearly every birthday card I’ve ever been sent. I hate getting rid of things though which is why I have too many books, and when I say too many I mean TOO many! I was reading a book in Borders when we visited Leeds on Wednesday. It talked about de-cluttering your workspace and making room for things that you really needed as opposed to things you were hanging on to for the sake of it. It said that you shouldn’t live in the past and become obsessed with not being able to get rid of something because how much it cost when you bought it. It said you should focus on the fact it wouldn’t be worth much if you saw it on a table at a car boot sale. I was retelling this useful bit of information to the hubby, he frowned a bit (he hates to get rid of anything!) but I think it makes sense. The final thought of the author was to remember that by getting rid of something you don’t use you can make room for something very important – your crafty career.

Written by Sarah

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