Well, I’ve been the busiest of busy bees this week, lots of making, lots of knitting and lots of baking!  Happy Bank Holiday again by the way!  I’m coming to the end of my sewing classes now and it’s such a shame, I’ve really enjoyed them and I’m going to miss everyone lots!Here is my final project, a halter neck dress with matching scarf and clutch bag:


I’m happy with how it’s turned out but just wish I’d chosen something a little harder!

I’ve also been super busy with new swatches and a small little hemp project.  I’ve knitted up my tension swatch for Tulip and my gauge is spot on so I’m going to cast on this evening.  I’m also knitting up a little ‘take to work project’ which is a wash mit made from hemp.  I bought some hemp from House of Hemp at the Knitting and Stitching Show about 3 years ago and I found it again when doing my inventory so I’ve finally decided to knit with it.  I’ve never knit with hemp before but I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s a bit like knitting with string but I’ve heard it wears really well and gets softer the more it’s used which will be ideal for the wash mitt.


I really love the colour too, I had two hanks in two different pinks but then gave one to a friend at work who loves hemp, I think I’ll have to write this pattern down for her to make one too!

So, this week has mainly been about work.  Between my day job and my ‘own job’ I’ve been pulled every which way!  I’ve had some extra hours at the library which has been great but I’ve also had lots of things to make.  My attic, a.k.a the ‘unprofessional studio’, has been a bit cluttered, I’ve been printing that much this week I’ve put up a make-shift washing line to dry the prints on!


It would be alright apart from what you can’t see in this picture to the far left, which is the hubby’s work space which is slightly cramped with having material hung over it.  Either he will end up with pink dye in his hair or he’ll develop a stoop!  Bring on the days when we will actually be able to have a studio for our work!

I’ve been making lots of needle cases this week and was suddenly overwhelmed with how pretty all my felt offcuts look, see:


Look at me getting all arty with the focus on my new camera – this is the most arty thing I’ve done with it really, I’m more a point and shoot kind of girl which means those courses on photography were completely lost on me.  As for the hubby, he’s turned in to David Bailey!

And now for the finished items….  ahhhh, that blissful feeling when it all comes together…


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