It’s 2pm and I’m at home, I was at work but came home just before lunch.  I am just a bit croaky and left with a chesty cough now, I feel much better than I did.  I’m going to finish writing this and then get a hot drink and curl up on the sofa.  I had a pretty terrible morning at work actually, a lovely lady called Sheena who I used to work with at my old library died this week after a short illness.  I only found out this morning and as you can imagine I was a bit upset.  She was very funny, shared my love of Bryan Adams and was the queen of charity shop shopping!  She was a couple of years older than my mum and it’s just a shame that she was taken so young.  Life can be very cruel sometimes but at least she is not in any pain anymore, I just can’t believe I wont see her again.  I just keep trying to remember all the times we laughed and messed around at work, especially the time she got a sticky toy rat stuck on the ceiling in the library and we tried in vain for about half an hour to get it down.  We were all so helpless with laughing that it was hard to concentrate!  Needless to say after trying to throw other things at it and attacking it with the mop, Sheena finally managed to get it down by climbing on the counter.  It still left a black sticky mark though, it’s probably still there!  I love those moments when you actually laugh until you cry!

Written by Sarah

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