Things have been busy busy busy and I still haven’t finished my one colinette jitterbug sock yet!    I’ve been so busy trying to fit in extra hours at work and making enough products to sell in my etsy shop that I’ve been run off my feet.  Isn’t it a shame when you can’t even fit in a little sock knitting!  Maybe I should rename this blog ‘busy up north’ – I’m so sorry there hasn’t been much knitting recently!!  I have finished the sock knitting bags though so that’s sort of related isn’t it?!?!  I tell a lie, I did get a little sock knitting done at the weekend, whilst perched on the arm of the sofa waiting for the some potatoes to boil!  I think I’m going to go back to taking my socks to work to knit in my break!I was hoping to be able to share my knitting related Etsy purchases with you but I still haven’t managed to get my friend’s gift to her for her birthday so you’ll have to wait a little longer!   Oooohh what a tease I am!Well tonight is sewing class again and now that I’ve finished my main project for assessment I can do what I like!  I think I’ll have a go at designing a bag to go with it!

For anyone interested in the printing malarky – here’s what I’ve been upto! 

Here is the wrapping paper I’ve been printing (soon to go in the etsy shop) 


 And here are all the needle cases waiting to be sewn up with some knitting bag printing hiding behind!



Written by Sarah



I gocco and would love to learn tradition screen printing. Are you self taught or did you take classes? I was thinking of picking up a screen printing starter kit.


Hi there – I am completely self taught! I learnt from a few books and a handy dvd from Peach Beserk. Sometimes those kits can be more expensive than they should be so have a good look around first! Happy printing!

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