I have plenty of time on my hands since I handed in my notice at the library, it’s not every day you hand in your notice and then get told you have to go home due to a massive backlog of unused holiday. I’ve been using the time to get a lot of my Christmas knitting done (and some sneaky knitting projects of my own!) Lots of knitting means lots of dvd’s so I’ve been working my way through my huge collection of old movies. One of my favourites when I was little (and my sister’s favourite too!) was The Parent Trap. There is nothing to dislike about that movie, it’s pure genius, plus it stars Hayley Mills and the beautiful Maureen O’Hara! If you’ve only seen the awful remake then don’t knock the original, it’s got great music, fabulous clothes and one of the best opening title sequences ever, here are the cute little ladies that feature in that sequence…


They are typical of a lot of the early 1960’s figures, my mum has lots of old annuals with the same kind of angular cute faces – just adorable!  I was browsing on one of my favourite blogs this week; Thompson Family life, and found an artists spotlight article on Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane.  I first came across Heidi’s work when I discovered the Renegade Craft Fair many moons ago.  Oddly though I’ve never actually looked up the My Paper Crane Etsy shop until today and I found this wonderful toy:


This reminded me straight away of those cute girls in the opening sequence to The Parent Trap – how adorable!  This is a one of a kind tattooed doll from a show that Heidi exhibited at in Chicago.  Snap it up on Etsy whilst you still can!

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