I’ve been trying to think of what knitting to take with me on holiday and I can’t decide.  I’ve got some poor little socks on the go which I managed to get quite a bit done on at the craft fair.  There might not be enough though to do though as I’d get them finished quite easily so I could take something else too.  I’ve got lots of summer tops I’ve wanted to knit since last summer, including one that is half knitted!

This caught my eye this week though…

Liesl by Ysolda

Have you seen it?  It’s gorgeous!!! I’d always meant to knit Cloud Bolero by Ysolda but this is fantastic!!!  I instantly fell in love with it (which I’m sure most people have!) and I really want to start it.  I like using Ysolda’s recommended yarns though and the one I want to knit is made from a yarn I seem only able to get from America so that puts the dampener to make that one a holiday project.

I have been doing a bit of research though and have found some info on the knitting shop in Whitby.  It’s called Bobbins and all the time my mum and dad have gone to stay in Whitby they have never said that there was a wool shop!  Some people just don’t have their priorities straight do they?

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Lisa Armstrong

Bobbins is a fab shop with a range of truly beautiful yarns in stock and a knitting circle on a Tuesday evening – do come and join us!

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