A few of my New Year stationery favourites from Etsy

1. Rob Ryan Calendar 2. Design Planner 3. Geometric Journal 4. Vintage Stationery 5. Weekly Diary Planner

I have always loved New Year, it reminds me of crisp new diaries, lush fountain pens and hopeful thoughts for the future, it’s also a time of reflection. This past year has been one of the most stressful and demoralising of my life, it’s left me more pessimistic and less hopeful than I usually am.  This new year I’m determined to put a stop to that, find my happy thought and re-gather. My happy thought of 2012 was my successful Crowdfunder bid, something I never thought possible as who was going to want to buy my fabric?  Focussing on a new diary may seem small and insignificant but it represents a lot more than that – the possibility of a more hopeful 2013.  I have no idea what is in store which is a little frightening but I am hopeful of what this year might bring and that puts a smile back on my face.

Written by Sarah



Happy New Year Sarah…hope 2013 will bring you much happiness & success. I was reading your ‘5 years’ post and you really have achieved such a lot, even in the few years I’ve know you, so I hope things carry on in the right direction and that there are plenty of fun times ahead! love J xx


Thanks Janine, I hope it’s a great year for you too :) I can’t wait to see what new designs you have up your sleeve, here’s hoping for a great 2013 for us all!!
Sarah x

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