Here is a picture of my beautiful new sketchbook

This is the end result from the Craft Candy bookbinding workshop with Heather Dewick – isn’t it beautiful! The hubby booked a place on the workshop and this is what he made, not for himself, but for me!  That’s why it’s covered in nice girly Amy Butler fabric.  The workshop went really well, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, I blogged about it on the Craft Candy blog, pop over there and have a look at the pics we took on the day.

I’ve also some other exciting notebook news, look what the postman brought this morning…

I absolutely love moleskin notebooks, I have loads!  I ordered these online from Waterstones (they were on offer which was even better!) and it’s something I had meant to do for ages.  I was waiting for a bulk order quote from a company who supplied them and I never heard back so in the end I gave up.  I bought some paper inks ages ago, so long ago I’d forgotten what colours I’d ordered.  The poor jars of ink have been sat on a shelf for months waiting for their little notebook friends to arrive so they danced with joy today!

Five minutes later and look what happened…

How cute are these?  They are printed up in my ‘knitting’ print to match my printed project bags perfectly.  I wanted to do some of these notebooks for Christmas so I’m a bit late, but they will be perfect for the Spring Fling Fair instead.  I just need to work out the prices now.  More prints to follow later!

Written by Sarah



Gorgeous notebooks! You are so clever! Woodseats didnt have my 1/4″ thingy, so i might have to leave it til saturday before i do anymore with the quilt. dont want to mess it up! Will scout around online for one now!


The sketchbook looks great – well done Owen, I’ve yet to finish mine….
Love what you’ve done with the moleskines Sarah.

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