I’ve been working on two new products for the Pug Jewellery range, drop earrings and rings.  When I did the original designs I wanted to be able to add additional items to the range of stud earrings and charm bracelets so I had some larger charms etched for just this reason.

Here are the prototypes for so far, I’m been working with the Happy charm as it’s the most popular of the stud earrings and is unfortunately sold out, so I’d like to be able to offer an alternative to all of those people who miss little happy.  Did you know Happy is based on Lola?  It is Lola when she was about 2 years old though and looking very youthful but maybe you can see the resemblance?

Drop earrings are very important to get right, the length has to be just right and the shape of the earring back needs to be perfect.  It would have been easier to just buy some ready made backs but I don’t really like the shape, they seemed at odds with the simplicity of the charm design, so instead I worked on simple design.  A few more tweaks are needed but they are almost there so hopefully will be appearing in my Etsy shop soon.  The ring will be sold on a custom basis only at the moment because of ring sizes, I’m not quite happy with the rounded ring surface at the moment so again, a few tweaks needed there too.  I love this part of designing, the trial and error and excitement of adding a new product to your range.  Then come the nerves once it’s all done, as you hope that other people will love them just as much as you do.

Written by Sarah

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