I’ve been excitedly working on some mini projects whilst I’ve been recuperating.  When you are stuck in a chair all day, there isn’t really anything else you can do to be honest.

  • Project no’1 – work on a new logo
  • Project no’2 – work on some new packaging
  • Project no’3 – work on the new website

No’1 is now complete and I’m very happy with it, it’s based around the idea of my little screen printing logos that have been on my blog for sometime now.  I wanted something that was fun but professional.  What do you think?


Next, on to the packaging.  I’ve had a few different kinds of packaging before, the kind I really like though is hand stamped.  I bought some lovely card before Christmas and used some of it as fabric gift tags which I then stamped with a handmade snowflake stamp.  The real reason I bought the card though was for product tags.  It’s such a lovely Mustard Yellow colour and is environmentally friendly as it’s made from the waste from the Beer Industry.

2012-11-07 09.14.10

I used to use luggage labels for my knitting bag labels and I loved the effect of the hand printing so I wanted to expand this idea for tags for all my fabrics.


I’m just finishing up the design now which I’ll then have made into a stamp.  It’s going to include spaces for the design, colour and basecloth of the fabric as well as care instructions which can vary from fabric to fabric.

Project no’3 is well underway and shouldn’t take much longer to finish.  I wanted to take my website one step closer to a selling site and also make room for information that has been missing for a while, including a gallery of all my current designs.  It’ll be ready in a couple of weeks, I can’t wait!

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