Now I’m heading in to my third year of blogging (yippee!) I feel like I should make more of an effort with Knitting Up North.  I have been trying to blog every day recently (apart from when I have a really busy week!) so I’m now I’m going to try and take some time out of the day to put a bit more effort in!

Okay, so what have I been up to today?  I’ve been doing a little planning today for November and my upcoming craft fair on the 15th and also I’ve been working on a new project.

This is how my day has started!  What a nice day so far – I’ve been playing around with dyeing some of my knitting bag cord.  I’d forgotten how long it takes to dye by hand!  I stood there for 15 minutes stirring it, if that isn’t enough to bore me to tears I then had to keep running back to the sink for the next 45 minutes to stir it.  I think the end result was worth it though, I just hope it’s colour fast now, although I say my cord isn’t washable so I don’t see that as being a problem.

So what am I doing eh?  Nosey, not telling you!  You’ll find out at the weekend!

I’ve also been preparing some new screens this morning because my darling hubby has finally finished my ‘screen drying chest’, that’s my technical name for it!  Basically it’s a nice light tight box with shelves in it where I can slot my freshly coated screens in so that they can dry in the dark.  Clever eh?  For the last year I’ve been drying my screens either in the bottom of the wardrobe or in a blanket box I stole from my parents, but now I have a fab little chest which is made for the job.  Hubby has just popped down to the studio to pick it up then I just need to paint it a funky colour, I’ll post pics soon.

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That colour is sooo yummy!

So cute that your husband made you a screen drying cabinet (flowers just won’t do anymore huh?) you have to post photos up so I can be even more jealous!

currently I have this shelf unit where I made curtains for it, its quite ‘back to the cave times’ but it works!

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