This week has been very busy, lots of running around, lots of custom orders and of course keeping up with the Crowdfunder bid.  I’m at 16% which is great but I’m trying to not get too excited, if I don’t reach my target then all the money goes back to the investors so I’m just hoping that I can reach the £1300 I need to get the meterage printing off the ground.

In between all of the hectic goings on this week, I’ve managed to get a few new things printed. Firstly the testers for the 30cm and 45cm lampshade kits.  I have realised though that due to the size of the fabric pieces needed, these will only be able to be sold once the meterage is off the ground due to the width of fabric needed, otherwise it’ll take me forever to print each piece which means they’d end up being too expensive.  So that has secured Bird Brolly as one of the prints for the first meterage collection as it’s my most popular lampshade print!

I’ve printed up a yellow Bird Brolly and black English Insults fabrics for the two kits, I will post pictures when they are made up but here is the Yellow Bird Brolly half done.

I’ve also started on a new complimentary colours fabric set for my Etsy shop, the first is a fabric pack of two purple shades in Pods and Bird Brolly.  These fabric packs will be for sale shortly for £12.50, that’s for the two pieces.  Here is a sneak preview:

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