As I said yesterday I’ve listed a few things on Folksy and I’m finding it a little easier to list than Etsy which is good.  Here is what my shop looks like:

I also like the fact that it’s UK based, it does feel a little strange listing things in US dollars as an English buyer, also the exchange rate has to be kept an eye on so that I’m not losing money!

My Folksy page

I was on the selling page yesterday, it’s about as close to the front page as I’ll probably get!  I was on it most of yesterday so that was good!


Now for some knitting news!  I succumbed to another Ysolda pattern yesterday, how I could have missed this one I’ve no idea.  It’s gorgeous!  In fact I bought both the bird and keyhole patterns!  I’m not very good at intarsia, I tend to lose interest but with a cardigan like this I think I’ve found a new reason to push on.  I had all my pattern folders out last night, I really miss knitting and it’s so annoying that work stops me finding time to knit.  That’s why I was so happy on holiday because I couldn’t do any work so all I did was knit!  I was looking at buying my winter clothes yesterday and cardigans and jumpers are what I need the most.  I can’t see a better incentive to get my knit back on. In fact I’m going to take some to do on the train to Manchester today whilst listening to the latest Sticks and String podcast!  I think it’s about time I made myself have some downtime a few evenings a week so that I can get back into the swing of knitting again.

Better go, got a train to catch!


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