Today I finally did it! I declared myself self-employed!  It’s a huge step and frankly quite a scary one.  I’ve been trying to do it for so long now that it’s strange now that it’s finally come along.  I know what it means financially and legally, I also know what impact it will have on my tax and NI but I’m more worried about the impact on me!  It’s definitely helping with my ‘work ethic’ already because I spent all evening in the attic sewing.  I’ve been super stressed though today so I think it’s elevated my anxiety levels a little.  I will try harder to find the fun tomorrow and then panic next week when all my tax info comes through the letterbox!

Written by Sarah

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Congratulations! It’s big and amazing and scary to get somewhere you’ve meant to be for so long… Best luck making it work for you. :) – vyvyan23 (Ravelry)

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