I found this image on Flickr whilst browsing through images of craft studios (I can dream can’t I?) so I just had to share it with you.

I love the cupboard with the great glass doors that means you can see everything, and I absolutely adore the colour on the walls. I have a similar workspace layout to this at home with very similar desks but mine have trestle legs instead of post legs. They aren’t very practical though – I wish I’d bought the post ones from Ikea instead! Oh well, you live and learn.

Written by Sarah



Ohh….I love that cupboard too!!! If it is the one in Ikea, I saw it in the casualty bay/ ex display Leeds store reduced to £110 and would have bought it but could not transport it already assembled……….I was stood for at LEAST half an hour my head telling my heart ‘No’!!
Will have to save for the full price unassembled version!


It’s great isn’t it! I’m go and look to see how much the cost of it is so I can dream about having it too (runs off to find Ikea catalogue!)


This is so nice, love that wall colour. Just looked at the photostream where this comes from, the whole house is just as lovely. Thanks Sarah.

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