I’m always searching for new fabrics to print on and this time I think I’ve hit the jackpot.  My main goal for this year was to find a heavier weight fabric which would be suitable for a variety of home interior uses.  I love my current hemp and organic cotton cloth, it’s been my staple basecloth for the past few years and has a lovely texture, but it was time to add to the family.  It’s always a little harder for me to source my fabrics as they need to be either hemp, organic cotton or some mix of the two, on that point I don’t compromise (although a sneaky linen sometimes creeps in.)  The two fabrics I’ve chosen to add to my range are just delightful.  One is a hemp and organic cotton mix and is 425gsm, the other is a hemp cloth and 405gsm.  This also gives me the chance to introduce coloured basecloths to my range which has been another goal for quite sometime.

I’ve ordered some rolls of these fabrics and so will shortly be test printing some colours for both the last and the upcoming collection.  Keep an eye on Instagram as there are likely to be lots and lots of pictures.


Written by Sarah


Abby Gould

Would you be so kind to share your source of your solid Hemp/ organic cotton fabrics? I have been searching since the company I used is no longer in business and I have had no luck. Please :)


Hi Abby, thanks for getting in touch. My supplier only sells furnishing fabrics I’m afraid so they are much thicker than you need I would suspect, plus they are based here in the UK. I’ve heard good things about this US based company though, although I’ve never used them myself, you could try them:

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