Wow – that was quick!  I came home this afternoon to find a nice little parcel!  Here are my goodies: 

  The t-shirt is just too cute and I was so happy to see that the green was much brighter than I thought!  The Bob pin is adorable too – now I have to decide where to put it, maybe on one of my favourite bags.  I’m so tired today because I went to work this morning after getting not much sleep last night, I then came home to stare at my nice new lino kitchen floor that had been fitted whilst I was out.  I then spent all afternoon painting the kitchen.  Am I mad?  It’s now the evening and I am going to have a well earned rest and watch a film and try to finish Lizzie’s cardigan.  Although after my clear out I found some lovely yarn that I bought for this project:



Tulip by Marie Wallin from Rowan 41.  I love this pattern and can’t believe that it’s been a year and I still haven’t knitted it (actually I can believe it really!).  So maybe I’ll start this tonight instead. 

Written by Sarah



I fell for the charms of Tulip last year and bought the pink Rowan yarn it recommends. A year on, and it’s still not finished. Instead it’s at the bottom of my knitting bag and hasn’t seen daylight for months. Maybe I need to continue with it again and your knitting it might inspire me anew. It is very beautiful. Which colour are you going for?


I’m doing it in a lovely blue colour, I started the swatch today, will post pictures soon. So far it’s feeling lovely!
Maybe we should have a mini knit-a-long!!! You should definitely get yours out again – you’ll be wanting to wear it in summer!


Just letting you know I have taken you up on the mini knit-a-long and picked up the needles after a year of pretending it doesn’t exist. So far, so good. I’ll let you know on my progress.

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