Now this may sound a little greedy but I now have not just one but three places to print. Since I last wrote I have been for my induction and first session at Sheffield Print Club run by my good friend Jane, of Leaf City Press. I’ve also been accepted on to the AA2A program making me an artist in residence at Sheffield Hallam University, which of course gives me full access to their print room. Both of these places have given me the chance to not only print, but expose, and this was something that I haven’t done in years. When I first learnt to print I exposed all my own screens but when I moved into my first studio I put away my home built exposure unit and got all of my screens exposed professionally. I’d forgotten what I’d missed though as the experimentation that exposing your own screens allows is very important.  That’s part of the reason I applied for one of the AA2A positions, to allow me to put some of that experimentation back into my work.

I often get asked for recommendations of places to get screens exposed or prints done and the best place for that in Sheffield is APG. But if you have any interest in doing the work yourself and having access to a print room then the people of Sheffield are very lucky to have the Sheffield Print Club. They run screen printing courses in warmer weather but if you’d like to print for yourself then you can book yourself in for an induction to learn how to use the equipment and then come in for as many sessions as you want. More information can be found on their website.






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