I know I said I’d do this ages ago but time has yet again escaped from me!  I was taking some pictures to catalogue my stash on Ravelry though and that reminded me!  So here are the wools I bought from The Wool Baa a few weeks ago (note prices may vary in different shops):



Top row is Sirdar’s Eco wool which is undyed virgin wool, next row down is Sublime Organic cotton dk and the last one is Freedom Sincere organic cotton by Twilleys of  Stamford.  There were so many nice colours to choose from, especially in the Freedom cotton so I went with a nice 80’s mint!  That colour always reminds me of the 80’s for some reason, I think it’s because I had lots of nice outfits all in mint!  I remember a jogging suit to be specific but the less said about that the better!

Price wise they were all really reasonable.  The Eco wool was £2.95, the Sublime £3.95 and the Freedom was also £2.95.  All balls are 50g so when you compare this to the Rowan at £4.50 a ball there is quite a difference. 

I tried to go on the websites I have linked above and couldn’t find much information really.  A company like Rowan publicises their new yarns quite well but Sirdar & Twilleys don’t appear to have information about them on their websites.  There is a specific Sublime website but it is just a holding page really with some contact information, so don’t be disappointed if you try to find any more info.

Ok, now the most important thing – the softness test!!! The Eco wool is gorgeous and very soft for a 100% virgin wool.  The softest in the cottons though is definitely the sublime, it’s even softer than the Rowan organic cotton.  I can’t wait to knit something with it!  The Freedom cotton reminds me of a normal hand knit cotton and it feels the same to the touch.  I think the Sublime is lovely though and definitely stands out.  I think it’s better value for money than the Rowan organic cotton and the colours are just as nice as the Rowan and also dyed in an environmentally friendly way.  Obviously the Sirdar wool is also environmentally friendly being not dyed, I like this as the colours you get are limited but are lovely shades.  Here they are:

Yarnsmith have got a good shade card for the Twilleys here and English Yarns have a page dedicated to Sublime which includes all the shades.

Coming soon – bamboo and soya yarns!!

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