Horatio & Oren by Barbara Gregory

Firstly I want to apologise for my shop being on holiday at the moment, it’s been closed for a week now whilst I recuperate.  The two back to back illnesses I had really knocked me out and when I returned to work after the last one I knew I’d come back too soon so now I’m back at home and getting my strength back.  I hope to be back at work next week but I’m just taking each day as it comes at the moment so I’m not getting my hopes up.  What a terrible time of year for this to happen though!

So whilst at home I’ve been staying warm, listening to some of my favourite podcasts and knitting when I can.  Christmas presents are now almost completed which is a big relief, I even managed to squeeze in a quick project for myself with these adorable mitts which were my birthday knitting treat.  Lola is loving being at home, her bed at home is obviously far superior to the one in the studio and she’s spending all her day snoozing under a blanket.

To everyone else struck down with some horrible virus or flu at the moment, I hope you’re staying warm and have someone or something to keep you company too.

Written by Sarah


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