I was at the Wool & Textiles Craft Fair yesterday and I had a great time!  I didn’t get a good chance to look around all that much, when I did the place was absolutely packed with people so I couldn’t get a good look at everything!  I really hope that this wont be the last one that Jill organises as it was a really good event, well organised and really busy nearly all day!  Here I was (pulling a funny face) sat with Leah on the joint Craft Candy stall (Thanks to Louise Broomhead for taking all the pictures!):

Me and Leah

Here is a close up picture of my fabrics.  I also took some buttons, knitting bags, hankies and sewing needle cases.

Printed fabrics

I did really well this weekend actually, a lot better than I expected to and had some lovely comments from people visiting so thank you so much if you visited and also if you bought something!  Also a big hello to those of you who came and said you read my blog, it’s always weird to meet people who know you on the internet because I’m so used to thinking that they are two very separate areas but then you meet people and say hello and it’s great!

We were publiscing the Craft Candy workshops too and chatted to lots of people about upcoming sessions which was great!

Did you see the Sheffield Star on Friday?  If you did then you might have seen my ugly mug on a double page spread about the latest WI to start in Sheffield.  A friend of mine sent me an email saying I was in the paper and I was horrified!  I thought I’d done a really good job of avoiding the photographer but obviously not good enough!  A big thank you again to the WI ladies though for booking us for the workshop – I had a great time and they were all so lovely!

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