It’s now 3 days and counting until my full time work ends and my part time begins on 1st March, I’m getting really excited. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but to be able to go back to my printing is wonderful. Things are really moving with the studio preparation now. The first table parts have been ordered and should be here on Monday or Tuesday this week. I’ve decided to play it safe and order the parts for my large printing table in 2 bits, the first part is the 1.5m end. I’ll then build this and test it for strength, if all is tickety boo then I’ll order the rest. I’ve opted for a 6 metre table, I was going to go for a 5 metre table but decided to throw caution to the wind and go for the extra metre, that one extra metre means a massive increase in productivity.

Me and the hubby made a journey to Ikea today to get a few other bits to help save some space, one of my favourite purchases is this little beauty:
Flytta Kitchen CartAs we’re in full house renovation mode we’ve been pouring over the Ikea catalogue for weeks looking at kitchens.  Our friends at Ikea are very big on useful mobile work surfaces and as our kitchen is teeny (to go with the house that Thumbelina built) we’re pretty sold on this idea too.  I then took that inspiration through to the studio and as I’m having to get rid of one of my favourite work surfaces where I usually mix my inks, I thought this would be a great substitution.  That way I can mix my inks near the sink (where I will have no surface) and then wheel my trolley over to the table to load up my ready and waiting screen.  Genius.

Look what I spotted on Pinterest this week though, think mine will have to get a paint makeover too, this is gorgeous!  Not sure I can stretch to the powder coating but I’ve transformed many pieces of furniture with spray paint and varnish so I’ll be giving that a go.

Powder coated Flytta trolley

Powder coated Flytta trolley, Piewacket

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