Morning all, as you can probably tell, I’ve had a little makeover.  I’m trying to make the site a little easier on the eyes to be honest and not quite so cluttered.  I’ve also changed the logo and I’m working on a mailing list button to help out too.  So what do you think?  If you think it looks worse sorry!  Also it’s a little bigger in width so it doesn’t quite fit on my laptop screen anymore so apologies to those of you with smaller screens if you have to scroll across now.

I’ve transferred all my paypal earnings this week from etsy and folksy so I’m going to get myself a few new supplies from Fibrecrafts, a fab little site which sells all exciting things to do with any fibre related and crafty.  I first sent for a catalogue from Fibrecrafts about 5 years ago because it was the only place I had found which sold screen printing equipment, I still have that catalogue actually.  I was telling hubby this tale this morning and it made me giggle because I ordered the catalogue to look at the kind of things they sold and remember looking longingly at the screen printing equipment and thinking that I would never be able to actually do that!  How things change!

I’m going to order this too, I think I could do with it:

I’ve never come across this one before (we definitely need a good shop in Sheffield that stocks textile related magazines!).  It says it’s got lots of useful info for those trying to reorganise their studios, lets hope that includes people like me who have a tiny attic as their ‘studio’!

I’m also ordering some of these:

I’m wanting to have a go at lino printing again, it’s been a few years since my arty days at college though (10 to be precise! crikey!) so I hope I haven’t forgotten it all.  I’ve still got some of the tools though so that helps a little.  We spent weeks and weeks creating prints from lino and I loved it.  I actually did some nice prints too, of Abbeydale Picture Palace if I remember rightly.  Lino isn’t the easiest thing to carve from though but I’ve heard good things about these blocks so I’m going to give these a try.  I want to be able to create some blocks to do the printing on my wrapping paper a little easier, also for smaller things like cards.  I’m excited, lets hope my delivery arrives soon.

Written by Sarah



I like the look – it is definitely uncluttered and easy to read. The extra width means I can’t see much of the knitting needle borders at the side, but I do like the new logo!
And I love your tote bags – I just can’t decide between “Glamour” and “Craft” cos I like them both!


Hi Helen, thanks for the comment. I can’t see the knitting on my laptop either which is a shame but it’s all swings and roundabouts isn’t it! What a tricky world the world of blogging is! I love your blog by the way!
Glad you like the bags, I keep resisting the urge to have another one, I’ve got three myself!

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