I’ve had a great week this week, I’ve been featured on Cuteable again and also on one of my favourite sites – True Up.  I’ve also been in two treasuries – lucky me!  True up is a fantastic site dedicated to the love of fabric, I was absolutely chuffed to bits to be mentioned!

I’ve been in a lot of pain again this week so have had to take it easy with the printing.  I decided to print up smaller panels of the English Insults as they are easier to print when I’m in pain – not so much reaching across the table!  Here is that new colour of English Insults which has had a lot of interest this week, I love this teal colour:

Today I’m going to rest and take the day off, what better way to spend it then a trip to Bakewell with one of my friends?  We’re going to call in at Patchwork Direct in Darley Dale too as it’s our favourite fabric stop.  I’m really wanting to make this dress by Colette so I might see if I can pick up some suitable fabric whilst I’m there.

Written by Sarah



Hey Sarah! Just saw your work in True Up, and totally fell in love with it :) I hope you don’t mind, but I posted your work on my blog as an inspiration, keep up the great work :)


Of course I don’t mind and thanks! xx

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