It’s been a good week this week, not only am I one of Folksy’s featured members this week but I also got a lovely mention from Sew Scruptious who saw my glasses cases on Misi.  Naughty me though, I’ve neglected my misi shop terribly.  I think I’ll just concentrate on Etsy and Folksy, that’s where I tend to do most of my business and it’s difficult when you try and do too much!

Don’t you just love finding new blogs though?  Every time someone points a new blog out to me I really must get around to adding it to my list – will do that later today.  Thanks Sew Scruptious – will definitely be adding you to my list!

Must mention someone else today too – Treaclezoo.  When we had our Spring Fling craft fair I found Treaclezoo’s shop on Folksy, but just a little too late!  I was looking for decoration for our members welcome table and naturally looking for sweet related things to go with the whole theme of Craft Candy.  I found these gorgeous items in Treaclezoo’s shop but it was just a little too late to order and get them in time for the fair – how fab are these though?

Sweetie Brooches

I can’t crochet very well – I don’t put enough effort into it to be honest, or enough time!  So being able to buy cute things like this is brilliant!  I am thinking of purchasing something for myself though but I can’t decide between these three:


I love strawberries, Snowies are my favourite sweet and these little Ravioli are just too cute.  Which one should I get?  The Snowies and Ravioli are brooches and the Strawberries are a charm to hang from a bag.  Too many cute things!

I did a design for a purse a while ago based on Snowies (I’m obsessed with them – I could eat millions!!!  I probably have!)  in fact I have tonnes of designs I’ve never got beyond the sketch phase, the problem is that I never seem to have enough time in the day to make all the things I have to make, let alone try out other ideas.  Maybe when I move into my new studio and there are no distractions then I’ll be able to do more?  We’ll see!

EDITED:  I couldn’t help myself – I bought a Ravioli and I’m also going to give this little  guy that I spotted on Treaclezoo’s Flickr a home too!  I’m renaming him Juan, I think it suits him! xx

Meet Juan!

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