Anyone that follows my Facebook page or Instagram account will have seen the flurry of photos of the two new lampshade kits I made up this week, they were so much fun to print and make up, I couldn’t resist taking lots of pictures.

The 20cm kits are available in my Etsy shop – if you’d like a custom colour or print in that size shade then just send me a message as I can do these kits in many prints and colours.  The 30cm and 45cm kits are too big to print up to sell at the moment until I get my metre printing set up.  They need much larger pieces of fabric which, at the moment with my small table and small screens, would take a very long time to print and therefore be too expensive to sell.  So if you’d like to read more about my plans for printing by the metre take a look at my Crowdfunder pitch.

The larger kits are 30cm and 45cm and they are wonderful, seeing the prints on this larger scale was brilliant, after all, I’m just so used to seeing my fabrics in only small 47cm x 47cm squares.  My favourite was the 45cm lampshade, it’s huge!  I decided to pick a nice bright colour for that one to cheer myself up from this dreary weather.

First her is the 30cm kit, this was printed in my English Insults print in Black on the hemp and cotton basecloth.